Approved by the Australian Government. Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate available to eligible families.

KIDS MATTER” family day care is a natural childcare choice that offers play based learning experiences, supports secure attachments and enhances social development in a small group setting.

At KIDS MATTER” your family receives a specialized childcare service tailored to meet each child’s individual needs. Children are nurtured in the homes of caring, skilled Educators. KIDS MATTER” Educators offer a unique, complete childcare option for children ranging from babies through to the end of primary school years.

Flexible care options are available including:                                                    

Full time care Part time care Casual care Before & after school
Respite care  Overnight care 24 hour care
conditions apply).
School holiday care 


    • Care is provided in a safe, comfortable home setting.   
    • Children play, laugh, learn and grow in small groups. 
    • Children can be delivered to and from kindergarten and school.              
    • Children and their siblings can be cared for in small family sized groups by one
           Educator who knows the children well, interacts with each child and meets their
           individual needs.                                                                                                           
    • Parents are able to select a Educator that best suits their needs. 
    • Educators are committed people who participate in training to assure the highest
           quality care for your child. 
    • The Educators have been carefully recruited and approved by KIDS MATTER” using an
           extensive selection criteria and their care environments have met strict safety
    • Routines are relaxed and comfortable and cater for each child.  
    • Children can develop confidence, self esteem and practical life skills by becoming
           active participants in the home, for example, they can enjoy activities such as
           gardening and preparing food under careful supervision.  
    • KIDS MATTER” children are not confined to one building and one yard. They
           venture into the community. Educators take them for nature walks, to the local
           bakery, the library, to picnic in the local park, to playgroups and more.

    Modern life is busy and parents often have limited family time but in KIDS MATTER”, children are cared for in a family environment which includes all aspects of recognized quality childcare.

    KIDS MATTER”provides twenty-four hour advice and support and after hours appointments

    To meet KIDS MATTER” Educators in your local area... contact us.